How it works

ThinkPlus teaches students not what to think, but how to keep learning and how to change their thinking to keep up with a changing world.

The ThinkPlus metacurriculum is designed to seamlessly integrate into the existing curriculum and can be adapted to any teaching style.

The program offers excellent support to schools and teachers.

The ThinkPlus Journey website and teachers portal contains:

  • A teacher’s toolkit and resources outlining the key concepts, with specific lessons and tools for teaching Years 1 through 7.
  • A forum for teachers to post Ideas and share experiences.
  • A library of research papers, videos and downloads.

ThinkPlus schools receive initial training in implementation strategies, key concepts, methods and have access to our ThinkPlus facilitator for ongoing support.

ThinkPlus will conduct teacher PD for those educators wishing to integrate ThinkPlus into their classroom.

By creating a framework around which learning can occur, ThinkPlus encourages students to think about their own thinking.

Giving young minds the resilience and tools to deal with emotional discomfort.

Successful experience builds their confidence to navigate the challenges they’ll face.

So they see the joy in finding the solution and feel the satisfaction of successfully handling and moving beyond the challenge.

See teachers describe how they’re able to integrate the ThinkPlus meta curriculum into lessons, changing the classroom dynamic.

Teachers Toolkit

Here’s an example of the easy to use resources the teachers online portal.