How to Grow Your Mind Digital Journal

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The How to Grow Your Mind Interactive Journal by ThinkPlus is an easy and accessible education resource and learning management system that teaches students how to become better, more confident learners, at home and in the classroom.

Designed for use with iPad and other touchscreen devices, The Journal provides an engaging, personalised way for young learners to understand mindsets and emotions, and how to better master their thoughts and feelings to develop emotional resilience.

The Interactive Journal complements the Australian Curriculum with a strong focus on Science, Literacy, Personal and Social Capabilities, and Critical and Creative Thinking.

Specific skills and benefits students can expect to gain from the Interactive Journal include:

  • Self-regulated learning with an emphasis on metacognition and motivation.
  • Design Thinking strategies and concepts to encourage and motivate children to think critically and creatively.
  • Emotional Granularity and Mindsets for Learning.

Simple and engaging

This Interactive Journal guides young learners on a path of self-discovery as they create and record their ideas, learning, feelings and thoughts.

Students will learn about their brain, and how it needs to be exercised like a muscle to grow. They will discover the power of mindsets and understanding your thoughts and feelings. Finally, they will bring these ideas together and learn how to ‘think about thinking’, using metacognition strategies to make their biggest strengths even stronger!
Along the way, the powerful processes of journaling and reflection, as well as sharing and learning with others, ensures long-term skills and knowledge are retained.

Easy to use anywhere

Once registered, students, teachers and parents can access and use the Interactive Journal on any touch screen device that has access to the internet.

Secure and personalised

The secure platform allows every student to create a personal profile and work at their own pace, progressing through the content and saving their completed activity.

School and Teacher-friendly

For teachers and schools, there is a Class Management view, allowing complete journal access, individual student progress and the ability to provide feedback.

Learning at home

The Interactive Journal is also ideal for learning at home, featuring a Learning at Home icon to identify any content where parents or guardians need to help students complete an activity.

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Co-designed with Swinburne University, The University of Melbourne,
RMIT University and Education Design Group Pty Ltd.