We see an opportunity…

Why ThinkPlus

Our wondrous, fast-paced, globally connected world offers new opportunities, but also poses new challenges with no ready-made solutions. Information is abundant and instantly accessible. The thinking required to collaborate, innovate, create and solve problems is scarce. Formal education requires a boost to ensure that young learners are prepared for the unknown challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

We have an answer…


ThinkPlus is a metacurriculum for learnable intelligence and thinking tools, to be implemented in Australian schools from years Prep to 12.

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Our Aproach

ThinkPlus is employing educational design research for the development of the metacurriculum.

Our approach aims to address the needs of young learners, classrooms and schools by involving students, teachers, school leadership and parents.
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Our People

Throughout each phase of the project, ThinkPlus is supported by a rich community of passionate individuals and groups including teachers, school leaders, parents, practitioners, academics, designers and, of course, young people.


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