Why ThinkPlus


It’s time to rethink the possible

  • Intelligence can be learned.
  • The biggest barrier to this is emotional resistance.
  • Emotional resilience can be taught – helping students develop the capacity to embrace the need for change.

Emotional resilience is a key trait in developing intelligent, adaptable students.

The biggest issue students will face is the speed of change in the world they will graduate into.

An evolving world, defined by artificial intelligence, increased pressure for traditional and new careers and the changing nature of the economy mean the knowledge needed to succeed will change. 

They will need to be able to change the ideas they hold for new truths.

They will need the ability to change their minds.

The biggest barrier to this is their emotional capacity to embrace the uncertainty of change. And find new ways of dealing with new challenges.

ThinkPlus helps students, teachers and schools rethink what’s possible.

By building their emotional resilience – and teaching them the skills to adapt and grow their knowledge – ThinkPlus helps students deal with change.

Teaching them not what to know, but how to learn. Helping them deal with a future where knowledge has a use-by date. Where a person’s knowledge of “how a thing works” is made redundant as fast as the next version appears.

ThinkPlus for the Student

Watch students explain some of the key ThinkPlus concepts and how they apply them to their everyday learning.

ThinkPlus for the Teacher

See teachers describe how the ThinkPlus metacurriculum into their lessons, changing the classroom dynamic.

ThinkPlus for the School

Principals, teachers and education academics explain how ThinkPlus creates a positive learning environment and more confident, engaged young learners.