We Are Growing Young Minds

How ThinkPlus is transforming children, classrooms and learning.

ThinkPlus is a meta-curriculum designed to complement a schools’ existing curricula. It is designed to sit alongside the existing lessons a child has, growing their emotional resilience, their confidence and, as a result, their capacity to learn.

It has been developed, evolved and proven from a young learner’s perspective and tested in real-life applications from prep through to middle school years.

ThinkPlus is currently being used by thousands of students and hundreds of teachers across ten schools around Australia.

The program has been proven to create a genuine culture of learning, helping students to thrive in a rapidly changing world. It does this by giving students the ability to think about their thinking. This, in turn, helps them meet new experiences and new challenges – in the classroom and in life – with an open mindset, helping them look for ways to successfully navigate those challenges.

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ThinkPlus works.

Merging design and research, ThinkPlus has drawn on education research and a number of varied and relevant areas. These include self-regulation, cognitive science, mindsets, digital learning, pedagogy and neuroscience.

The unique strength of ThinkPlus is its combination of four core elements:

  • Neuroplasticity (the fact that intelligence is not fixed)
  • Mindsets (understanding how emotional resilience helps children develop a growth mindset)
  • The Science of Learning (The highly successful PEN Principles for learning based on the latest Psychology, Neuroscience and Educational research)
  • Metacognition (Thinking about one’s own thinking)

The more we learn, the stronger we get

The program is constantly being tested in classrooms, with new knowledge about the way children learn being applied to the program. 

This ensures all students who take part in the program benefit from the latest scientific and experiential advancements. For more information on the ThinkPlus Program, please contact ThinkPlus at info@thinkplus.info