The tools to nurture more confident learners

ThinkPlus Schools Partnership Program

Why thinking and learning skills matter

As the world changes at an ever-increasing pace, our role is to educate and prepare students to navigate challenges and careers that don’t currently exist.

The single most important skill to have to today is the ability to learn, to face new challenges, and to keep learning.

While the neuroscience around thinking and learning has advanced enormously over the last decade, the innovations have not always flowed through to the current Australian Curriculum. As a result, schools must look for ways to adequately equip young learners with the essential skills needed for the challenges of the 21st century.

ThinkPlus, an initiative of The Elevo Institute, has dedicated the past decade to filling this gap, by developing a foundational learning program to help Australian primary school educators engage and equip their students to become confident lifelong learners. We collaborate with schools and universities to co-design resources using feedback and the latest psychology, education, and neuroscience research.

Our tools are aligned to Australian Curriculum and Primary Years Program of the International Baccalaureate ensuring they integrate into existing learning and teaching plans. ThinkPlus provide lesson plans, student resources, and assessment tools with no further development required. ThinkPlus offers professional learning opportunities tailored for your school’s needs.

“There is no other program like ThinkPlus. It brings all of the science, theory, and practical classroom methodology together in a comprehensive, easy-to-use way. It’s transformative.”
Principal – Our Lady’s Primary School

What is the ThinkPlus Schools Partnership Program?

ThinkPlus is an Australian developed, science-based childhood learning initiative that provides classroom-ready tools, training and support for primary school educators in Australia seeking to improve student engagement and outcomes in learning.
ThinkPlus has been developed with Australian teachers and proven in Australian classrooms for over 10 years and align with the Australian Curriculum and PYP.

The evidence-based methodology works

Thinkplus is also easy to implement and well supported. In addition to the lesson plans and other resources, ThinkPlus schools and educators have access to professional learning and ongoing contact with the ThinkPlus team.

How does ThinkPlus work?

The initiative offers excellent support to schools and teachers:

  • The ThinkPlus website and teachers’ portal
  • ThinkPlus Tools: Teaching and Learning resources developed from our Meta curriculum which focuses on Neuroplasticity, Metacognition, Mindsets & Emotions, and the Science of Learning.
  • Lessons plans, assessment tasks, learning intentions, success criteria, extension and enabling opportunities, sound pedagogical approaches including gamification relevant for teaching Foundation (Prep) through to Year 7.
  • A Blog for teachers to keep abreast of new educational research, professional reading, ideas for the classroom and share their own comments and experiences.
  • Online access to videos and other support material
  • Teaching resources including the Grow Your Mind Game and the Find Your Feelings Game
  • How to Grow Your Mind Journal for students, available in hardcopy or as an app.

Training and ongoing support

ThinkPlus schools receive initial professional learning in implementation strategies, key concepts, methods and have access to our ThinkPlus team for ongoing support.

ThinkPlus also offers new ThinkPlus teachers Professional Learning for new and existing schools.

ThinkPlus Schools Partnership Program

“The ThinkPlus lesson plans are really helpful and make the program very easy to integrate into my existing lesson plans. The neuroscience parts in particular are incredibly powerful.”

Teacher – Rosewood Downs

Program content packages


  • Launch video presentations.
  • Complementary How To Grow Your Mind Journal.


  •  Initial program overview.
  • Access to teacher portal lesson plans.
  • Ongoing PD training.


  • Program outline and parent pack, launch video content.
  • Video webinar & guidelines on using HTGYM Journal at home


  • Access to journey website and Teacher’s portal.
  • Support from ThinkPlus team.
  • Ongoing training and PD


  • $500 annual fee

Talk to a ThinkPlus Educator to learn more

An easy well supported onboarding process

One of our key aims is to make life easier for educators.

The ThinkPlus onboarding process is designed to ensure your school will be well supported every step of the way in a seamless and successful school-wide implementation of the program.


  • Choose level of support for your school
  • Confirm and engage ThinkPlus


  • Agree implementation process
  • Select ThinkPlus school program leader

Assign Rolls

  • Launch kit and assets to students, parents and stakeholders.
  • Introduction to ThinkPlus presentation facilitated by ThinkPlus


  • Introduce & integrate ThinkPlus concepts & lesson plans into existing curriculum.
  • Consultation with ThinkPlus Educator


  • Review ThinkPlus Action Plan each term with school ThinklPlus Navigator and ThinkPlus Consultant

“For me, it’s the application of the elements, meta-cognition, growth mindsets, micro-habits, the science of learning that makes ThinkPlus so special. It just works.”

Principal – Berwick College