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Creating better thinkers

Our vision is to ensure young learners are equipped to think through problems and navigate the challenges of the 21st Century. We do this by providing them with the tools, confidence, and ability to become better thinkers, so they become better learners.

In the process we also help schools measurably improve learning outcomes.

Improving academic performance

ThinkPlus is an Australian developed, science-based childhood learning program that provides classroom-ready Science of Learning tools, training and support for primary school educators in Australia seeking to improve student engagement and outcomes in learning in an increasingly complex teaching and learning environment.

We believe every child has the potential to become a confident and engaged lifelong learner.

We make it easy for schools and educators to apply the science of learning to improve student engagement and performance.

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“ThinkPlus sets a great foundation for our students. Understanding how their brain, emotions, thinking and learning work, they’re just better equipped to work through challenges and take on new ideas.”

Teacher – Kingswood College

The science of growing young minds

We believe there is a scientifically proven approach to helping every child become a more confident, engaged learner.

ThinkPlus is dedicated to harnessing the latest in learning and education-related science to provide educators with classroom-proven tools to improve student confidence, engagement and learning outcomes.

The ThinkPlus scientific approach combines and distils four core elements into a very usable program and toolkit that has been tested, developed and proven in Australian classrooms:

Introduction to our learning tools

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